We can design the machine to best fit your needs!

In the market for a new computer?  We will sit down with you to determine your exact needs. Then we will order the parts and assemble your custom computer.  If wanted, we can install and setup at your location.

In the market for new hardware? We can build your computers specifically for your office, or the computer that you have always dreamed of having. We will build a computer that can be personalized to your specifications.

Why custom built computers? When we build a custom built computer for you we use the best of parts in our 22 years of building experience to create computers that not only function extremely well, but generally last longer with less down time.

Step 1: Consultation

We will discuss what you are looking for and we will create a list of the parts needed to create your computer(s).

Step 2: Build

Once we obtain the parts we will schedule a time to deliver your computer(s).

Step 3: Configuration

We will set the computer(s) up in your environment ensuring that they are completely setup, connected and running on your network. You don’t just receive a box at your front door or bring a box home hoping everything is there.

Ongoing Support:

We are available to setup a schedule of ongoing support to ensure that your computer(s) stay in ultimate running condition!

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